chosen by chance



album leaflet (front)

album leaflet (inside)

one - like h2o

01 Like H2O.mp3

two - mr. lancer the first

02 Mr. Lancer I.mp3

three - ode to buddy

03 Ode To Buddy.mp3

four - kickin back (let me be)

04 Kickin' Back (Let Me Be).mp3

five - typical teenage love story

05 Typical Teenage Love Story.mp3

six - mr. lancer the second

06 Mr. Lancer II.mp3

seven - backfire

07 BAcKfIRe.mp3

eight - give me a night

08 Give Me A . . ..mp3

nine - blood and sweat and tears

09 Blood and Sweat and Tears.mp3

ten - celia

10 Celia.mp3

eleven - [goodbye to] my friends

11 Goodbye to My Friends . . ..mp3

twelve - typical teenage love story on x96

12 Typical Teenage Love Story (X96).mp3

one - like h2o

01 Like H2O (live).mp3

two - backfire

02 BAcKfIRe (live).mp3

three - give me a night

03 Give Me A . . . (live).mp3

four - [goodbye to] my friends

04 [Goodbye to] My Friends (live).mp3

five - blood and sweat and tears

05 Blood and Sweat and Tears (live).mp3

six - typical teenage love story

06 Typical Teenage Love Story (live).mp3

first recorded song

01 First Recorded Song.mp3

mr. lancer the first (2001)

Mr. Lancer I (2001 Recording).mp3

hope (4-track tascam)


like h2o (4-track tascam)

Like H2O.mp3

ttls (4-track tascam)



03 Unfriend.mp3

my friends (spy hop sesh)

01 [Goodbye to] My Friends....mp3

like h2o (demo)

01 Like H2O.mp3

hear you me (jimmy cover)

Hear You Me (Live @ Homecoming 2003.mp3

like h2o (acoustic)

Like H2O (acoustic 2).mp3